View the education and training materials available with the aid of the British Horse Foundation


What you need to know about breeding

The breeding challenge award, produced by the BHS with assistance from the BHF, brings together expert knowledge and advice to prepare you for breeding a foal from your mare. It is broken down into three easy to digest sections; the pregnant mare, foaling and what to do once your foal is on the ground. This will be available January 2022. Watch this space!

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Education for veterinarians and horse owners on the signs of WNVD.

Richard Newton, the internationally recognised expert in infectious disease prevention, is working with the BHF and BEVA to produce materials for vets to help them recognise signs of this infectious disease, that is creeping ever closer to British shores. 
Zoetis, the world's largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, are working with us to provide educational materials for horse owners to help them recognise the clinical signs of this infectious disease.

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