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The central and fundamental role of breeding in the equine-human relationship is recognised as key in the mission and vision of both the British Horse Foundation and British Breeding. Together, we seek to support the breeding of healthy horses and ponies who are equipped, both physically and mentally, to thrive in all areas of equestrianism from pleasure riding to top level sport.

‘In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed’ Charles Darwin

We will do this by sharing industry expertise, improving the accessibility of breeding related resources to wider audiences and by promoting excellence in the selection and management of breeding animals and youngstock across all equine breeds. In doing so, we are committed to:

- supporting research and development in the pursuit of breeding excellence

- promoting the importance of careful breeding selection for all spheres of equestrianism and to take all possible steps to avoid perpetuating deleterious traits

- maintaining the genetic diversity of equine breeding in the UK

- safeguarding our heritage and rare breeds

To develop a greater understanding of equine breeding in the equine-human relationship we seek to:

- increase knowledge about good breeding practices and good management of youngstock among all those who engage in equestrian activities

- encourage widened participation equestrianism and breeding related activities while ensuring new breeders enter with a full understanding of the commitments and costs

- promote a greater appreciation and understanding of the positive role breeding plays in the equine-human relationship

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