Welcome to the British Horse Foundation

The British Horse Foundation was established as a charity in 1991 under the Chairmanship of triple Olympic gold medal winner Richard Meade OBE who remained as Chairman until his passing in 2013. Richard was succeeded by Vincent Jones, our current Chairman, who is the founder of Preci Spark Event Horses.

We have three main charitable aims, to promote the industry in general and the breeding of horses and ponies in particular; to advance education training and research in animal husbandry and allied subjects; and to assist in the prevention of unnecessary suffering or cruelty to horses and ponies.

Lecturer Bursary   


British bred Timolin (Totilas x Sion) bred by Aram Gregory, picture courtesy of Kevin Sparrow  


Our charitable aims




We support the identification of world class talent for future equestrian sport through the collection of data to better understand which traits are favourable in sport horses and which bloodline combinations are more likely to deliver performance success.  We also work with charities to understand the factors affecting peoples’ decisions to breed. More info here ...


We have funded bursaries for undergraduate projects into studies looking at various aspects of equestrian equipment and care. We also support the Animal Health Trust’s studies to develop measures into appropriate horse and rider weight.  More info here ...


We support and have provided training for British Young Breeders and plan to fund work which supports equine college supervisors and students, and which helps deliver longer term horse industry relevant graduates.  More info here ...


Foundation Funds Saddle Fit Research

An important study at Hartpury University looking at saddle fitters’ ability to assess how far back a saddle should extend was recently funded by the BHF. Poorly fitting saddles can affect a horse’s performance and contribute to back pain. The correct length of an English saddle leaves the shoulder blade free, with the saddle tree not extending beyond the 18th thoracic vertebra. The funded project determined whether saddle fitters could...

Haddon Training British Grooms Awards 2018

At the British Breeders' Award Dinner and Ceremony on Saturday 12th January, Chris Hewlett, Managing Director of Haddon Training presented the winning recipients of the Haddon Training British Grooms Awards to:- Lucy Seddon - British Grooms Award Gabby Southern – British Grooms Award (runner-up) Sarah Charnley – Team GBR Grooms Award Joe Castree – Team GBR Pony, Junioir & YR Grooms Award Emma Jayne Eldridge – Manager Award Poppy Zafia Graves...

Sterling Year for British Bred Equines

A Sterling Year for British Bred Equines Celebrated at The British Breeders' Award Dinner and Ceremony On Saturday 12th January, breeders of the top British-bred horses from around the country converged in London at the Grange City Hotel, for the British Breeders Dinner and Awards Ceremony, organised by the British Horse Foundation (BHF). There has been much to celebrate for British Breeding in 2018 and this glittering occasion affords the...